Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello again.

Yes. I went most of my summer vacation without posting. I didn't mean to do that, and I hope I'm back on track. It was a great summer, full of family, a lake trip, trip to DC, and bored kids. This past Monday though marked the end of all that.

This past Monday was......................


So here are the pics.
Big Al is 14.75 and headed off for her freshman year in high school. She is participating in cheerleading at her school, as well as tumbling - almost has her back handspring. She is looking forward to a year of football games, friends, and Honors classes. I am looking forward to holding grades over her driving permit.

T-Rex is looking forward to starting 7th grade and is 12.5 years old. She took a cake decorating course this summer and spent a lot of time with her friend S destroying my kitchen on a daily basis. She will still compete in fencing this year.... we think.
Blondie is 9.5 years old and headed for fourth grade. She continues to amaze us at with all of the things she can do. She is working on reading and loves learning about science and cooking.

Cheesie turns 8 tomorrow, and is starting 3rd grade. She LOVES math and science and building things. She is still very sassy, and loves to think she's in charge.

School means hectic schedules, and lots of driving. For some reason though, I find that much more conducive to blogging. So we'll give it a go again.