Monday, February 15, 2010

Her blog name should have been bossy pants

Cheesie has always been my "everyone should follow the rules" kid, followed closely by, "if you don't do it right I'll tell someone." So tonight in the kitchen Blondie and I are talking about the chocolate given to me Friday by various students in my class.
Me: Nooooo, I wouldn't eat the chocolate for breakfast. (even though I really would)
Blondie: I saw so-and-so eating chocolate for breakfast.
Cheesie: OOOHHH. Did you tell on her. She should be in trouble.
Me (exasperated because this kid won't relax): Cheesie, relax. It must be really exhausting being in charge of making sure everyone behaves.
Cheesie looks at me very seriously and says: Yes, mom, it is.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow day pt. 2

Remember how yesterday, I said "Thankfully T-Rex didn't go sledding." Well here is what happens when mom stays inside.... and Dad takes them out...
Cheesie sleds into a bush.
I'm so glad I didn't watch the set below - one week ago she was crying in the ER, and today s he is taking a small hill on a sled (her friend was holding her crutches).
Doesn't she look absolutely satisfied.
Big Al made a mogul and kept jumping it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 1 SNOW!

On Friday, a rare event in SC, SNOW! School let our an hour early because it looked like it would actually show up - unlike last year when they canceled school twice because it might, and then didn't. Within an hour of getting the girls home the snow started. They pulled on all sorts of clothes and headed out .
Cheesie made a snowball from the canoe snow.

Even T-Rex managed to get out - we found some waterproof fishing pants of Brian's, and then wrapped her foot in a garbage bag. She initially said she wanted to just sit outside and watch because she was afraid of falling, but eventually she joined the neighborhood kids running the back yards of our houses. Thankfully she didn't try sledding.
But Blondie tried it, and loved it, so did Cheesie.
Eventually we got them all to come in,
ate dinner, popcorn, and hot chocolate. We settled into the living room to watch the Olympics,

and eventually a few of us crashed in front of the TV. What a fun day.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

T-Rex and the ER

Yesterday we let T-Rex go to the skating rink with our friends. Within 30 minutes they were calling us asking us to meet them in the driveway because she took a pretty bad fall and might need it checked out. She was in absolute agony, and my gut feeling was to take her to the children's ER instead of an in-and-out place that would refer us to a doctor on Monday if it was broken. Thankfully I listened to my gut.... because she managed to break both her tibia and fibula. The tibia was REALLY out of place, and the fibula was more of a fracture. We spent the next 6 hours in the ER where they took a ton of X-Ray's and decided not to do surgery. They eventually sent us home with a cast up to her thigh and a bunch of pain killers.

So today she is trying to relax on the couch, reading a few books I ran out to get her, watching tv, and watching the clock so she can have her next pain pill. The doctor says she should be back at school in a few days, but we can't even begin to fathom that possibility today.

The cast was cut around the whole thing to allow her leg to swell without too much pressure, and then wrapped with 3 ace wraps to keep it still. Later this week she will go back to the orthopedist to get more x-rays and another cast layer added to keep it still. Hopefully everything stays where it needs to stay and she can get up and moving soon.