Monday, February 15, 2010

Her blog name should have been bossy pants

Cheesie has always been my "everyone should follow the rules" kid, followed closely by, "if you don't do it right I'll tell someone." So tonight in the kitchen Blondie and I are talking about the chocolate given to me Friday by various students in my class.
Me: Nooooo, I wouldn't eat the chocolate for breakfast. (even though I really would)
Blondie: I saw so-and-so eating chocolate for breakfast.
Cheesie: OOOHHH. Did you tell on her. She should be in trouble.
Me (exasperated because this kid won't relax): Cheesie, relax. It must be really exhausting being in charge of making sure everyone behaves.
Cheesie looks at me very seriously and says: Yes, mom, it is.


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At least it is humorous times there not just good times.