Saturday, December 5, 2015


T-Rex is quite involved with her school.  This fall their play was "Fools" by Neil Simon.  It isn't one of his that I knew, but it was very enjoyable.  T-Rex played the postman.
Essentially, this is a play set in Russia.  There is a curse upon the town making everyone incredibly dense and it can't be broken. 

The curse goes back to when the Count wanted to marry a young woman who refused, so he cursed them all.  A young school teacher comes to town at the request of the descendants of the young woman's family and tries to break the curse. 
The postman talking to a townsperson

The Doctor and Wife speaking to the teacher.

 The teacher reading about the curse. 

The townspeople trying to convince the teacher to break the curse.
The wedding between the teacher and the daughter. 

The urgent letter.

She really enjoys theater and is involved in an apprentice group for a local theatre as well.  She is working in their musical theatre track. Her first performance with them is next week.