Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scenes from Sunday

It was a pretty quiet weekend here.... Brian took Big Al to a soccer game, but we mostly just sort of did our own thing:

Blondie played with clay
Big Al taught Cheesie how to braid plastic laces
I sat at my sewing table making plans for gift giving (in between laundry and making soup).

Brian made bread to go with my soup

T-Rex made jewelry

We each seemed to just find our own space this weekend. Rather quiet really - we need those weekends periodically - probably won't get another one until November.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Future Valedictorian - and a Charlie Brown moment

Okay, I'll admit, I'm a pushy parent..... especially with my kids. They must get the best education possible, AND they must be the best with their education. Some roll their eyes at my absolute nuttiness with this, but its how I am..... can't help it.

I also hear some of you saying, "If you cared so much why are they in public school in SC?" Honestly? We live in a good district. There are lots of programs with lots of opportunities for the girls. Big Al has taken Latin in middle school, and is currently taking Algebra I in 7th grade. T-Rex is part of the pull out math/science program for high achieving kids in her school, and Cheesie is in a math/science magnet program designed to integrate more opportunities for kids in our school. So that left Blondie..... turns out even with brain surgery, she has the ability to pull her weight too, and we found that out today with interims. Children in our district don't begin to get traditional grades until 2nd grade, and when I pulled Blondie's up on the computer I was SO PROUD!
A's in Language Arts and Reading, and a B in Math.

The Charlie Brown moment happened today when I saw those grades too. My Dad (Charlie Brown) used to sit the girls down at the table every quarter and pull out the wallet, and shamelessly pay the kids for their grades (NEVER did he do this while I was growing up). Now, technically we are only halfway through the quarter, but I wanted to reach for that phone and call him up - we did let her tell grandma though. I can almost hear him saying, "WAY TO GO ABS!" He would be proud of her too.

If I can get to it tonight, I'll post some of the video and pics Brian took today from therapy. She is really getting strong with that left arm, and I was pleased to see some new exercises in PT. Check out the Rasmussen's page.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just another day in the park

Saturday found us splitting up the kids for different activities. I took the older girls to the Greek Festival to listen to music, watch dancers and look at the art. It's a fund raiser for the local Greek Orthodox church, and quite large. T-Rex and I went with scouts, and I took Big Al with us so she could check off a cultural event requirement for school. It was definitely fun, and I wish I had brought home the food! I should have brought my camera too!

Brian took the little girls to the children's garden by our house. It really is their favorite place to go, and as they walked out the door they were making sure that he was going to let them perform on the stage that is set up there. He must have spent a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time watching their performances because he came back with a ton of cute pictures.
(Yep, that's my kid dancing on a table)
Are you talking to ME? ARE YOU talking to ME?
But soft. What light through yonder windows break....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last weekend of summer

So technically, our school year already started, BUT with the labor day weekend we went out to the lake. Unfortunately for us it was incredibly windy, and a little chilly to swim, but the girls still had fun. I love the fact that there is zero television, and zero internet.
So I read books, and looked at the view....

We practiced our super model poses -- with air blowing on us

We almost broke our arms throwing each other off of the tubes

Sand was tested

Castles were built

An absolutely lazy weekend

Friday, September 4, 2009


Okay, I have lots of those coming, because we have been busy.... but apparently my father-in-law is wanting new stuff, so here goes.

School started, soccer started, Brian still doesn't have a job.

Blondie though is doing amazing things. We have been working that wrist all summer long, and look what she can do now:

We were also inspired by this video:

Which made us pull out our cup stackers, and Blondie got right to work doing just the first part:

So now, the rest of you hemi families better run out to Target and get your cups, we'll see you in Indianapolis next summer, and will welcome all challenges.