Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just another day in the park

Saturday found us splitting up the kids for different activities. I took the older girls to the Greek Festival to listen to music, watch dancers and look at the art. It's a fund raiser for the local Greek Orthodox church, and quite large. T-Rex and I went with scouts, and I took Big Al with us so she could check off a cultural event requirement for school. It was definitely fun, and I wish I had brought home the food! I should have brought my camera too!

Brian took the little girls to the children's garden by our house. It really is their favorite place to go, and as they walked out the door they were making sure that he was going to let them perform on the stage that is set up there. He must have spent a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG time watching their performances because he came back with a ton of cute pictures.
(Yep, that's my kid dancing on a table)
Are you talking to ME? ARE YOU talking to ME?
But soft. What light through yonder windows break....

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Megan said...

Great fun!! I love the girls performing! If we ever get to meet IRL our kids will have fun performing together for sure! Hope the school year is starting off well. Any news on the job front?