Thursday, October 6, 2011


Each grade level at Cheesie's school does a performance. This year Cheesie's 3rd grade performed songs from School House Rock. She played a cheerleader in the Interjection song (one of my favorites from my childhood.

We got there a little late, so we were pretty far back, but Brian was able to get a little video of her part:

(I'm sure its just me, but the very last second of the video cracks me up - like she's bummed it is over)
She was VERY excited to have a speaking part.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rick Riordan Book signing

T-Rex is a huge fan of the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson books, as well as the other two new series. Tonight his new book in the series was released, and he rode up to Books A Million near our house for a book signing.

Video will go here once youtube starts to cooperate.

Sunday we stood in line for an hour and a half to get our line numbers (we were 366 and 367, but apparently they went up to 1100). Each person could bring 2 books to be signed. Tonight he rode up in his black carriage pulled by black horses, and the kids were sooooooo excited. A TON of boys showed up (I love books that boys love to read). They started lining folks up, and we were finished fairly quickly (MUCH faster than waiting in line on Sunday). I don't know how he signs over 2000 books at a time, but I suppose if it were me I would be thinking, "Ka-ching, Ka-ching." He really took time to speak to the kids, and comment on the many costumes that were worn by the excited tweens and teens.

Almost there, just a couple more people.

ACK! She blinked.

She was very excited about tonight, and thrilled to see so many friends (and teachers) in line too.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Big Al's new activity

Balancing cheering and honors classes has been a full time job for Big Al lately. Practices have her coming home around dinner, and then finishing up a bunch of homework, and game nights have me driving to pick her up so she doesn't get home too late. Overall she is doing very well in her classes, and has really taken the weighting and ranking of high school pretty seriously. We're proud of everything she is doing, and pray ALL THE TIME for her bases to never let go!

Turning 8