Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So many updates - quick version

1.) In college, I was, and still am, an Alpha Delta Pi. Two Saturdays ago we had a big reunion. Usually its the original founders, and the current women who attend, but since I missed a lot after college because of living in Seattle, I started a facebook push to get as many women there as I could - and I got a bunch. We met up at our favorite restaurant in college, spent the afternoon together chatting, and then went to the reunion dinner together that night. Most of us are moms, working different jobs, caught up in our lives.

2.) Of course, we have been caught up in the Girl Scout cookie sales at the moment, and I"m looking forward to that being done next week.

3.) Last Friday and Saturday we spent the day celebrating T-Rex's birthday - she is now officially 11. We had family over on Friday, and then her friends came over after a math competition on Saturday. They went to go see Percy Jackson and the Lightening Theif (she has read all the books) and then spent the night. Brian held down the fort while I was doing yet another cookie booth.

4.) Speaking of math competitions - Cheesie was in the competition as well, and earned a medal - she was 16th out of 130 first graders. Unfortuantely it was so thoroughly disorganized she was very stressed out. After she got her medal she walked off, sat on my lap, and burst into tears. She has since recovered and is now quite pleased with herself.

5. Sunday, I took Big Al to a soccer game against the elite team. This would be comparable to the "A" team while Big Al's would be considered the "B" team, but we now play in the same league. GUESS WHAT - the girls tied them. This was a HUGE effort on behalf of Big AL's team, and we were all very proud.

Unfortunately, at the end of the game, Brian called me and told me that my sister's former boyfriend had passed away. I absolutely fell apart. They moved here together after Hurricane Katrina ran them out of New Orleans. He was part of our family for three years, and my children loved him dearly. They called him Uncle Toby. He taught my children about living simply, being a vegetarian, and simply enjoying those that you love. When they went their separate ways my kids always wanted to see him, but had to be content with running into him around town, because it was just as painful for him to be around them once it was over. When my Dad was ill he came around to visit, and my Dad left him a motorcycle (Toby loved them, and had a couple). He was on that motorcycle when someone hit him, and left him injured. After a week he was supposed to go home, but unexpectedly died on the day of his release. We are devastated.

6.) The positive note to pick us up from our grief ,was that Brian started back to work today. He has accepted a job for the State of South Carolina, and he is enjoying being back at work. We are so thankful that things can get back on track, and we are hopeful that others can find their way back to work as well.

***I'm sure my father-in-law is thrilled that this is finally updated (David, I see you signing on several times a day).


Jessie said...

A D Pi. Cool. I was a Lambda Chi.

Holly said...

im so sorry for the loss of your friend. Congrats on dads new job and to the girls