Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Snapshot

This was a "divide and conquer" weekend. Brian wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home with three girls while I took Big Al to soccer in Mt. Pleasant (near Charleston). I know, it doesn't sound like an even trade, but he didn't have to deal with the sand gnats that were out in force!

The team won a game, lost a game, and tied a game, so we didn't play in the finals, but at one point I was pretty sure I would end up in the ER with Big Al. She went to kick the ball into the goal, with the goalie blocking it, and they collided in a BIG pile on the ground. Big Al didn't get up for a minute, and I was sure I was going to have two kids in casts. Here is what it looked like (Big Al is NOT in the blue pinney):

Before the game our cousin Jessie told Big Al to knock someone down and score a goal - I told her a yellow card would be bonus points. When I watched this collision I was kicking myself for the thought. Jessie, HOWEVER, continued to cheer every time someone went down around Big Al.
Meanwhile, Brian took the other three to an Easter Egg Hunt in the neighborhood, and then because it was so beautiful they spent a lot of time outside.
Blondie enjoyed looking for eggs,
Cheesie came home and took off with T-Rex's crutches while....

T-Rex relaxed with a book in the comfy swing (I love this picture of T-Rex). Just another family weekend at the Dawsons.

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kleiosbelly said...

I finally finished my January UFO! Better late than never!