Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things kids say

So I'm in the car with Big Al today, (please know that her school is great, and has produced a 7th grader who earned perfect scores on the SAT this year - and he is in her classes.... only apparently she won't be doing that any time soon) and she says:
"How come there isn't an I heart SC shirt like there is an I heart NY shirt. I could see there being an I heart Chicago shirt, but SC is boring."
At this point I'm only half listening even though she is sitting next to me, because lets face it, who wants to engage in this conversation.
So she continues, "Where is Chicago anyway? Isn't it in, like, Delaware?"
Me: " Are you kidding me? Seriously"
Big Al: "Well, maybe its in Detroit.... you know one of those D states."


Tricia said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud! I love it!! Leo asked me if we had one of those things you use on clothes to get the wrinkles out - "You know mom, one of those i-rons." Yeah, he was in 7th grade and had just gotten his first ipod. love those gifted kids! :) Karin

Holly said...