Saturday, April 3, 2010

Toby's parents

Our friend Toby has been mentioned before. He was my sister's former boyfriend, a professor of photography at our USC, and a dear friend. A little more than a month ago he died a week after a motorcycle hit and run. Yesterday his parents, Mike and Andrea, came to the house to spend time with the girls. It was very sweet of them to make time for us because Toby had many circles of friends and they would all love to share their "Toby stories" with his parents.

Thursday we went to the City Gallery to participate in Art for Toby!, an art show to help the family offset expenses, and to start a scholarship in Toby's name. I bought a nice photograph of canoes turned over on a dock, and spoke briefly to Mike and Andrea. When they came by yesterday Andrea read some books to the girls, brought them an Easter craft, and played bubbles with them. Mike and I spoke for a bit about Toby, and overall it was a lovely visit. It did allow Blondie and Cheesie to process what happened to him. I appreciated Andrea speaking to her honestly about Toby and the accident, because Cheesie really doesn't understand why the person who hurt him isn't in jail. In her little world that person is bad, and should be there fast. Andrea was able to talk to her about her feelings, and I think that helped Cheesie work things through a little more.

As much as we miss Toby, I know their grief is deeper. We are thankful for the time they were able to give to us.

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