Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Turtle

Brian and I did a lot of yard work this weekend. We are in the process of planting the veggie garden we just expanded (I'll be updating Simply Dawson if you're interested). While raking pine straw Brian found a baby turtle in the yard. The adult turtles lay their eggs in the yard (interesting to watch) and then a few weeks later you have to watch out as the babies come out of the hole left behind. We have to be so careful when we're mowing the yard because they try to head for the lake but they are left WAY UP by the house.

This one was a yellow bellied slider turtle. Blondie was thrilled to hold it and play with it (and then wash her hands). Cheesie didn't look quite as thrilled.

It was a lovely Easter weekend with a family dinner, and a beautiful day yesterday.

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