Saturday, April 10, 2010

Walking...sort of

T-Rex started PT this week during Spring Break. Her left broken leg is still in the half cast, but the upper thigh is one inch less in circumference from the right. She really needs to start building the muscles back. As with many tweens, if Mom says something about, "Hey try this exercise," it is absolutely met with eye rolling, and deep sighing. HOWEVER, if someone else (like a PT) says the SAME THING, then the tween will try anything. So I'm thankful to know a PT.

This past week we went to PT on Wednesday and Thursday. Cathy (PT) got T-Rex up and moving, but she was still hopping. Cathy finally got her walking better using a walker, which we borrowed, but will probably not go to school with her since Brian called her "grandma." (Note to dads, don't tease adolescent girls in current mood as T-Rex). By Saturday she was walking around without it, but still sort of hopping.

I think at school this week we'll have her take one crutch, but she'll start PT regularly this week for a few weeks. I think we're down to about 2.5 weeks until it hopefully comes off. Hopefully... Her sisters were bummed this week when I wouldn't take them to the lake and swim when T-Rex could only watch. Their response wasn't too understanding, but I know she will make it through this time just fine. Crossing fingers we're almost finished.

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eavice said...

Glad she'll have the cast off before the weather gets really hot.

Have you considered a cool cane for school as opposed to the crutch?