Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The cast saga, and a chorus concert

T-Rex and I went to the doctor yesterday crossing our fingers that there wouldn't be another cast - hoping that the worst would be a removable boot, and that the best would be limping out of there. Although with waiting, and X-rays, and waiting some more, we ultimately got the best news... NO MORE CAST!

Today she wore her skinny jeans, and limped through the school day without any crutches (but did stop for ibuprofen at lunch) and was genuinely thrilled to be "normal" again.
My saint of a husband took Blondie to her chorus concert in the talent show. They sang the first song and the last song, which of course means you have to stay for the WHOLE show in between- which would be fine if we hadn't only been home for 30 minutes from therapy before she had to leave again. Thankfully she got to sing the "Otter Mater" mentioned a few days ago. Her teacher performed in the the teacher skit (hence the wig). We love Ms. B. and are very lucky to have had her this year.


Anonymous said...

I love how comfortable Blondie and her teacher look - even with the wig. It is easy to see that they enjoy each other.

Megan said...

Alleluia, no more cast!! She looks great. I love the pic of Blondie with her teacher--looks like a great bond they have! Love the last few posts I have missed--great pics!!