Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Garage Sale

Big Al is about to start on her Silver Award for Girl Scouts. This is a 40 hour community service project and she has to raise money for it. She will be getting some money from the troop, but she needed a lot more. She wants to make blankets to give the kids at the hemi foundation who are getting the same surgery Blondie went through. This organization supports families going through this process, and also supports our reunion opportunities through the year.
So Big Al called her friend (Crazy B for blog privacy) to come help her. Another girl scout in the neighborhood coordinated her yard sale too. Big Al and the other GS put up signs on street corners, and Crazy B came over this morning to drop off some things and help out. Around 7 a.m. I was nervous because we had quite the load, and no one driving through, so the girls went to the neighborhood entrance, acted crazy and brought in a lot of business. We will let it run until about noon, but by 10:30 Big Al had earned about 180.00 and I (and the Haynes family) had unloaded some things we didn't need anymore. MANY THANKS to the Haynes family for bringing in some great things to sell - and Crazy B was a tremendous help.
As people came down the driveway Blondie would announce that the proceeds benefited the hemi foundation and, "I'm a hemi kid!" People would invariably turn to me and ask what a hemi kid was, so we educated them about hemispherectomies and the foundation. Our goal is to help get the word out about this group, and how wonderful and resilient these kids are.

Another group related to Blondie's disease is the RE Children's project. This is the father of one of the kids bringing doctors together from different disciplines to try to understand the origin of the disease, and the newest innovations. Their ultimate goal would be to find a cure for this disease. Check out both groups- they are definitely both worthy of donations.

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Good Kids! They Make my Heart Sing!