Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girls Can Too!

Two of my cadet girl scouts (Big Al's troop) used the pinewood derby idea from boy scouts, and recreated it for girl scouts. They invited friendly troops to be our guinea pigs, they raised money, bought the kits, borrowed a track, bought the medals and trophy, etc. Last Thursday they had the girls get together and create their cars and learn the rules. Tonight they ran the races. Blondie won for best in show (decorating) and both she and TRex competed in the races. Cheesie is DYING to do it next year. Enjoy the pictures, and hopefully we can improve a few things, and have it as a fundraiser next year! My favorite comment was said several times, "I think the girls had more fun doing that than the boy scouts." I can say that there was a whole lot of cheering and yelling going on, and it was a great time. The two girls who put this on did a lovely job, and I am looking forward to this event again next year.
Three of my junior scouts - great girls!

Blondie, and the two girls who hosted the event. Blondie is wearing her medal for best decorated.

A really great night. More excitement tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

The boys did the AWANA version for three years. They loved it - I don't think they ever won the "speed" part, but they often won for most creative. My favorite was the year AV made his into a climbing wall and JV made the pick-up truck to haul it. The cars are among their most prized possessions.