Friday, April 30, 2010

Taylor Swift

Back in December Taylor Swift tickets went on sale and sold out here in about 10 minutes. Brian was lucky and scored 3, so he gave them to T-Rex and Big Al for Christmas. All this week the radio station was giving away sweets from the fifth row closer, and Big Al commandeered all of the cell phones and the house phone to try to get them. Yesterday I was upstairs getting ready for work, when I hear screaming. Big Al finally got through and won the "mosh pit" tickets right at the stage. So this meant she and Brian would be down on the floor and T-Rex had two empty seats next to her. Now I had to go and we let T-Rex bring a friend. It wasn't so much that I didn't like Taylor Swift, but I hear her ALL THE TIME on the radio, in the house, from the backseat of the car.... and I am honestly not a big fan of country music. But I went.... and I had a ball!

T-Rex, her friend and I sat up the roof, but were on the side and had a great view. Big Al and her Dad were super close. They were able to touch Taylor's hand, and Big Al was given a drumstick from their drummer when her Dad yelled that she was a percussionist. It was a very well received concert, and at one point the audience screamed for about 10 minutes straight, and she seemed to be genuinely touched by the emotion in the coliseum. I, as does most of America, knew most of the songs and was singing along with the girls. A couple of things grated on my nerves like how she said, "S-o-u-t-h Ca-ro-liiii-na" and the girl can flip her hair in every direction, AND you know the eye darting thing (left and right) she does it ALL THE TIME. But, I have to admit I walked away from the show understanding the phenomenon that is Taylor Swift, It was a great night.

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