Thursday, March 25, 2010

We were too optimistic

It was seven weeks ago that T-Rex broke her leg roller skating. She broke both her tibia and fibula. Three weeks ago we were disappointed that she had to have a second full length cast (they had given us hope and we thought she might get a half cast), but she dealt with it pretty well. At that visit they said that in three weeks (today) we might be able to get the removable boot, so we held onto the idea that we might actually be finished with the wheelchair, and might be able to start moving around a lot more.
So we went in, had the big cast taken off, and then went upstairs to the X-Ray place.

It was in the X-ray that the full realization of how much her muscles were affected hit me. She couldn't move her knee without crying. Everything hurt, and she didn't want to be touched. We eventually got the x-ray, dried the tears, and went back to the orthopedist. When he came in he explained to her that when she fell she also twisted, so it wasn't a clean break. The top part of the tibia is trying to connect with a triangular bottom piece so it takes a little longer. Unfortunately her bones had still not completely filled in, so she would need to go into a shorter cast - below the knee.... for four more weeks. The tears started flowing again because not only does she have to stay in a cast, she has to start PT for tired little muscles.... GOOD THING I know a physical therapist, and have her on speed dial. We left knowing that it would be a total of 11 weeks, and MAYBE next time she will get a removable boot cast, or MAYBE even not have to wear anything on the foot.
By this evening she was starting to move her knee, but still won't put weight on her left foot much, and she had replaced the tears with ice cream - which just helps make everything better.


eavice said...

Uggggg. My muscles hurt thinking about it. I shattered my knee in 9th grade and remember cast removal. The doc thought I should be running laps. It was excruciating mentally and physically. My prayers are with her.

Kelly said...

I think a lot of it is mental - We'll try to start some PT over Spring Break. The GOOD NEWS is that Friday she didn't use her wheelchair at school all day.

Megan said...

Awww, I am so sorry T-Rex has had such a struggle. The new cast at least looks alot less cumbersome for her. I LOVE the pic of her in the comfy swing on your previous post, by the way. And I am very jealous of the beautiful weather it looks like you guys have been having. ;))


Holly said...

aw poor girl! i hope she heals quickly!