Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 1 SNOW!

On Friday, a rare event in SC, SNOW! School let our an hour early because it looked like it would actually show up - unlike last year when they canceled school twice because it might, and then didn't. Within an hour of getting the girls home the snow started. They pulled on all sorts of clothes and headed out .
Cheesie made a snowball from the canoe snow.

Even T-Rex managed to get out - we found some waterproof fishing pants of Brian's, and then wrapped her foot in a garbage bag. She initially said she wanted to just sit outside and watch because she was afraid of falling, but eventually she joined the neighborhood kids running the back yards of our houses. Thankfully she didn't try sledding.
But Blondie tried it, and loved it, so did Cheesie.
Eventually we got them all to come in,
ate dinner, popcorn, and hot chocolate. We settled into the living room to watch the Olympics,

and eventually a few of us crashed in front of the TV. What a fun day.

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