Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tough Tuesdays

Thank goodness my husband works from home. More companies should allow their employees to do this. Tuesdays are the day when I need a parent partner more than any other day of the week.

#1 child (I'm calling her Big Al in honor of what my father used to call her), has chorus after school until 4:00. #3 (haven't decide on her blog name)has physical therapy from 4-5, #2 (Dad called her T-Rex) daughter has drama from 5-6, and #3 also has dance from 6-6:30 (which she hates). So my husband and I have to both truck kids around this side of town - I definitely couldn't do it without him.

Today however the book fair was at school, and my girls (okay 3 out of 4) are big book lovers - so that added additional stops for both of us. They can't really help it, their dad and I read everything. We gave up a "formal living room" to create a library - and hopefully one day we will make it look like my dreams. Anyway, I ended up taking #3 to the book fair while Brian took the other girls later. #3 picked out a few books, but kept wandering around. I asked her what she was looking for, and she put on her pouty face and said she wanted to find the book about I can fly and my friend is sad. Hmmmmm I thought. I don't know that book. Thank goodness the librarian was there. I asked her if she knew what #3 was talking about and she introduced me to the books of Mo Willems. This guy is FUNNY. Unfortunately his books weren't in the book fair, so after we paid for a couple she picked out, we ran over to Books A Million for a Mo Willems hunt. Turns out the books she checked out from the library was one of his (her favorite book at the moment), and then we found his pigeon books. We pulled out all of the titles from the shelf, sat down in the aisle and started to read. She was giggling so hard at this pigeon who was trying to talk her (#3) into letting him drive a bus. She was yelling at the book, and laughing so hard. We ended up buying the three pigeon books (didn't benefit the school, but....) and I had to promise to buy more of his books later.

She is really getting the hang of the whole reading thing. I'm always pleased to see this, but especially in my disabled daughter. She had brain surgery 3 years ago, and just as I think we are about to be in trouble academically she amazes me and meets the challenge. She is developing preferences for authors (told me she could listen to any Dr. Seuss book over and over again) and then she discovers new authors and devours their books. I love when my "differently abled" child acts more and more typical.

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