Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cheesie turns 6

I'm days late posting this, but here goes.....

On Tuesday, my baby turned 6. I hate that.... she's growing up too fast. Thankfully she still snuggles up with us so all is not totally lost. We had family over for dinner and presents that night, and she was quite THRILLED with the camera she received from Grandma and Aunt Christy.

Cheesie has been using Brian's giant, expensive camera, so now she has one for herself. Once we get her the card she'll be in business to start posting on photoblog again.

Today, a couple of friends will come over to play and have more cake, so I need to get moving because I have a pinata to buy.

Happy Birthday girlie.... we love you.

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Holly said...

Aww happy birthday day sweetie!!!