Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pretty perfect setup

Blondie goes to a physical therapist who started her own business. She really picked the best place to do it. She bought a townhouse (very high end, and 2200 sq. feet upstairs) with a storefront below (probably another 700 sq. feet). She owns the one on the far right where she treats the little kids and has a lot of toys (and she will live in it as soon as her tenent is out) and rents the storefront on the left where she has a Wii set up, her office, and a pilates machine (and other equipment).
This is the swimming pool that Kathy uses in the summers with the kids. Blondie loves her time exercising in there, almost as much as free time swimming at our club pool.

Out of the clinic and to the left is the playground. Blondie can work on balance (she can almost walk all around the perimeter), climb ladders, hold on to a swing with lefty, etc. This playground is right next to the pool.

If you walk out of the clinic there is the green right across a little street (above and below) where Blondie plays soccer with other kids who have appointments before or after her. She is actually running quite well, and we are still seeing progress 4.5 years out.

I'm trying to post a video over on the Rasmussen's site (button above) showing Blondie eating with a fork. She is definitely getting better at using her left hand to do that, even though it isn't necessary. Check back to see the video.

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Holly said...

that really is a great set up she has there!