Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kayaking - Saturday

This past weekend I took seven great girl scouts kayaking in Charleston. Big Al went last time, so this time it was T-Rex's turn.

The first jaunt was out Shem Creek into the harbor. We paddled around the rookery where a ton of Brown Pelicans were sitting on their nests. We learned to identify different birds, watched dolphins running mullet in to eat them, and fiddler crabs running up banks. We picked up mudsnails, and hunted for different types of oyster shells with our guides. Two girls had to paddle by themselves which was tough going because of the winds, currents, and inexperience, but they were absolutely amazing.
Later that day we found ourselves in downtown Charleston, walked through the market, and then went to the local park. One of the girls was disappointed that park didn't mean playground, but they played frisbee, and flew kites for awhile. Later we headed back to the lake house where we were staying.

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