Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally starting to unwind

Every summer teachers across the country take a week or two to just try to relax. I think I'm finally there. I've decided this will be our laziest summer ever.... unfortuantely the kids are not with me on it. They are bored because I'm not planning huge adventures.

The girls tried to turn on the sprinkler system but one of the heads is messed up so they had to find something else to do. They finally alleviated their bordom when they found some water balloons and figured out how to fill them up when the nozzle thingie didn't work. Then they started their own games, and finally just resorted to throwing them.

I'm sure I'll hear how bored they are tomorrow too. They'll just have to figure it out - without the TV. Maybe in another week I'll be up to getting them out and doing things.... we'll see.

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