Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Saturday, Blondie turned nine. It was a tremendously busy day though, starting with cousin CJ's birthday party at the Marionette Theater. Lots of Aunts and Uncles were on hand to celebrate as well as CJ's friends. I love spending time with my extended family, they make everything special (they drove 2 hours to help their 3 year old niece celebrate, I find that wonderful!).
After Blondie and Cheesie watched the show, we raced back home to meet the friends coming to our house to celebrate with Blondie. She simply wanted cake, snacks, and time to play with friends, and maybe have a dance party like the older girls have done - and that is exactly what they did.

Later that evening my sister, niece and mom came over to eat dinner, and have our family celebration. More presents, more silliness (make me laugh with cousin Cate) and playing puppets.

Puppets from the Marionette Theater, a fort making kit, money, clothes and some CD's made for some great family gifts.

Make me laugh......

When it came time for cake, who knew that Daddy had trick candles...... this is what that looked like:

Six glorious years seizure free was also celebrated the Monday before. Both of them mean the same thing to me though....... I got to keep my daughter.

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