Saturday, November 5, 2011


Last weekend Brian and my mom took T-Rex and Blondie to a Civil War reenactment at Historic Brattonsville. Generally students from around the state head there for fieldtrips, but we thought it would be a great way for Blondie to "see" history and help her later this year, and it qualified as a cultural event for T-Rex. AND.... let's be real, it gave mom and Brian an excuse to take a whole lot of pictures.

T-Rex thought this guy was a hoot. He let her dress up as one of the soldiers, and handed her his gun. Then he figured she needed a cigar to complete the picture.
While Blondie thought the guns and cannons were pretty cool. She even decided to buy a rebel hat (I'll have to reflect on that one).

Blondie did find it rather hysterical that when the men were "shot" on the battlefield, many of them continued to drink their water and smoke their cigars. She told me that she figured they could act better than the pic below demonstrates and lie still. I had to remind her how hot it probably was for them out in that field with all those wool coats on.

By the end of the day Blondie was pooped, but came home quite happy, and ready to tell me all about it.

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