Saturday, January 12, 2013

Juggling lesson

  My sister started/runs/owns-I-guess, Columbia Alternacirque.  When she was over for Christmas dinner Blondie pulled out her little hacky-sack type balls and showed everyone how she could juggle two at the same time with one hand.  Natalie, my sister, got on the phone, and set up a juggling lesson with a man named Paolo.  Apparently he is one of the few (or only ) Americans to juggle as the jester of England.... something-or-other. I'm not exactly sure what his title is, but while he was in town he was willing to teach Blondie.

Concentrating so hard.  I was worried about the eye-hand coordination 'thing," but she seemed to do just fine for a beginner.
 Throwing and catching with two people juggling.

Brian took her and she was so excited when she called me afterward.

Here are some of the videos Brian too
She came home with three new balls to practice with,  although I'm not sure who will be able to partner with her because I certainly am not that coordinated. I also don't think this is a habit she will be giving up anytime soon.

The video below is the best set of the day!

This would have to be the most difficult combination of the day:

 BIG THANKS to Paolo for his patience with this lesson (because I didn't post all of the outtakes). She was so thrilled.

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Mr&MrsYang said...

cool, she can teach us next time we see her