Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Knitting with One Hand

     So, this is the paragraph where I explain why I haven't blogged. I used to have time in the evenings to get things recorded as to what we are doing, but I just don't seem to find those moments like I used to. The moment I'm recording tonight is just too big a deal for me to let go.
     I teach 5th grade at Blondie's school, and most years I offer to teach someone to knit, or they see me knitting and want to learn. Last year's class really took me up on it, and this year continued just as rabidly.  Generally my rule is to wait for 5th grade. One reason being that you are a little more mature and I can trust you not to poke anyone with knitting needles, and the second reason being that their hand muscles are more developed.  I've seen huge benefits from knitting with my kids. Wiggly kiddos can calm down a bit and think while their hands move, and all of them gain a sense of accomplishment for completing a project.
     This year, Blondie is in 5th grade, but of course only has the complete use of one arm.  She started with the loom thingies that are sold everywhere, and did just fine with them, and since a few other kids chose that route too I thought it would be the end of it - she found her way to do what others were doing, and  I thought she would be satisfied with it.... but she wasn't.  About a week ago she announced that she was going to figure out how to knit with one hand.  I had no idea how she was going to accomplish it, but she did.

I cast on for her, like I do all of my new knitters, and she started off with errors, but like the other kids she is figuring out how to fix them. We've started over a few times, but I've had kids who have restarted everyday for a couple weeks before they figured it out.  All in all, she has once again impressed the heck out of me.  I don't know why..... she constantly has to work twice as hard as everyone else, but always seems to leap over most obstacles.

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