Sunday, October 13, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy (Saturday 10/6)

    Saturday started early for T-Rex.  She was on a bus at 6:30 headed to a cross country meet in Charlotte.... I showed up much later.  I did decide to go a little earlier than her race so I could do a little Christmas shopping (with 4 kids, I start early).

     I was looking forward to the Cross Country meet because we were going to have both the boys and girls team stay afterwards at the park and have a potluck.  It is a super group of teens, and I know a few of the parents.  Everyone seems to pitch in and help where they can.   The course was interesting because it wound through the woods, around a large pond, around the soccer fields, back around the pond and then to the finish.  So some of the front runners connected up with the end group.
T-Rex is on the left, having just passed a teammate.

As she continued on she could see the next competitor from another team...

and then caught and passed her. 

Here she is continuing on around to the finish line.  It was brutally hot (running at 12:30 that day and it had to be in the high 80's).  The girls looked exhausted.  There was definitely a lot of great food and friendship afterwards.  T-Rex did well and PR'd.  A few days later she was award runner of the week because of her improvement and her positive attitude - which is true - I've never heard her complain about going to a practice, or whining that it is too hot. 

After we got home I helped Cheesie finish a Halloween wreath she saw on pinterest.  I had to help tie the tulle because it was a bigger job than she thought.  It now looks cute on my door.  I am a little worried that she has discovered pinterest - I don't want it sucking up all of her free time (of course, I don't know where she gets it from, cough cough)

I must have had a lot more energy because after Brian went to bed (he wasn't feeling well today) I pulled out a ladder, a water bottle, and a scraper and went to town on the popcorn ceiling in the entryway.  It took about an hour and a half because I tried to clean as I went, but definitely feeling that one more ceiling is well on its way to looking great.

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