Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hemi Reunion Day 2 - AM

I know quite a few people are tuning in for quick pics of the hemi reunion, so here is my morning. I ate with Rachel Cogli's mom, and Josie Watham's mom (don't you love how we're always known as our child's parent). We spent time talking about IEP's, etc. I was supposed to be listening to a bullying presentation, but I wasn't being a good audience member and kept chatting. After that we had a hemi foundation presentation with Kristi and Caren talking about how the foundation developed.

They gave out scholarship awards to Christina and Jody (the other two couldn't come),

and then they awarded Rachel Waters the hemi foundation volunteer of the year. She does a LOT of work on the west coast, she works on the website, connects parents with Sturge-Weber kiddos, and in her "spare time" is the wonderful mom to Aiden.

After their presentation the kids put on a talent show,

and in between talent there were a WHOLE LOT of comedians grabbing the mic for a quick knock-knock joke.

Jody led the kids through the "hoe-down throwdown" and then presented a wonderful dance and then it was time for lunch. I think the meals are my favorite times because everyone sits with new people and gets to know the other families.
Another favorite thing for me to see are all of the hemi kids and their siblings getting to know each other. They are playing games together (a bunch of the big guys are on the basketball court) and some of the younger teens are helping in the childcare room with the little guys. My youngest two have had fun in there, and Big Al enjoys playing with the teeny-tiny kids. She would love to take home Dagny and Jailynn, Brian kept laughing at Kiko. So here are some random shots of the kids bonding around the building. More pics later.... we're headed to the pool/pizza party.


Holly said...

it is amazing how well Alex and Jailynn bonded! I am stealing this picture!!

Kelly said...

I'll email the others when we get home. Alex just LOVED your little girl.

Jessie said...

It was GREAT to see you, your girls, and finally meet your husband too. Jessie had such a GREAT time with Abby. We hope to see you guys again soon!!