Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm still here.... just not blogging

I always have the best intention of making our adventures there own little blog blurb, but I have failed miserably this week. For instance, I said NOTHING about the pool party during the evening of the 11th. The families all gathered for pizza, and relaxed for awhile, and then were the sole inhabitants of the pool. All of the girls had a good time: Big Al fell in love even more with little Jailynn, Blondie ran around the field playing with other kids, and then kept jumping off the diving board. Everyone was pretty tired, but those of us that stayed, enjoyed great conversation.

I promise to keep this blog going, I just had to catch up on other things. This week I'm taking Big Al and the cadette girl scouts on a kayaking trip in Charleston, so when I get back on Thursday I'm sure there will be more pictures to post.

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Holly said...

i love this picture! i miss your girls already they are wonderful!!!