Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blondie turns 8

First of all, Thank you to the Photoblog visitors checking out the blog - Brian intended for you to see the next post down - and yes I use his pictures from time to time. Please feel free to visit at any time.

Friday, was Blondie's birthday. She had a couple friends come spend the night (and we missed one kiddo who got sick at the last moment). We had family come over, and Brian grilled dinner for us. The kids were great and just played a lot together. It was interesting to watch Blondie with one of her friends. Her friend is extremely shy, and would whisper to Blondie, and Blondie would take her by the hand and go play whatever was wanted. It was fantastic to watch Blondie take care of someone else, and actually be a leader and protector. Usually other people do it for her, so I LOVE seeing her step up when needed and help someone else.

Blondie is VERY into police things and playmobil, so she and the girls played with her new set for hours. They also chased each other through the house arresting each other and putting the bad guys in jail. At one point I hear Blondie say, "Help me 911, there is a robber taking my truck." Cheesie's reply? "If it happens again just sneak up on them and hit them on the head." I guess we need to review how 911 works and helps people.

We started the week celebrating the lack of seizures, now we're celebrating the girl herself. We are so grateful that she is still with us, and that her life is more livable now that the seizures are gone.


kleiosbelly said...

Looks like a fun party!

How are your ufo plans coming? I've gotten off to a rough start but am hoping to finish something within the week. It seemed so doable when I set this goal at the beginning of the month and then the time slipped away from me. Big sigh.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday!!!