Saturday, January 2, 2010

UFO resolution

UFO, in the quilt world at least, stands for Un Finished Objects. Many quilters have them, and I am one of them. I started quilting when Big Al was a baby because I absolutely love quilts, and the comfort they offer people. I have made a bunch of them, but as my husband has pointed out, only 2 that belong to us have been finished, the rest have gone out the door to friends and family. Today, I was browsing various blogs that I lurk in, and was inspired by kleiosbelly's resolution to knock out one UFO per month - sounds easy, but some of my quilts will definitely not be easy to do in one month... but I'm in.

With Brian out of work for 6 months (although we are hoping things are beginning to pick up) it has really tuned us in to what is already in our house to do, as well as what is out in the community to do for free. We are definitely not staying home, and we are still very busy, but our priorities have obviously shifted. So in the spirit of living more simply I am resolving to hit my fabric and yarn stashes FIRST and not buy anything new until these projects are completed - although I'm pretty sure I need to buy quilting thread - but I'll check that stash first too.

So my 2010 list is starting with:

Big Al's blue knitted blanket (about 2/5 finished, no picture)

T-Rex's African animal quilt (have fabric, that's it)

Cheesie's star log cabin (made for someone else, but she has taken it over. Totally made from my stash, and the only child who didn't get a baby quilt, so she gets a kid quilt)

T-Rex's knitted blanket (no picture)

Santa wall hanging (made ages ago, layered, and started with quilting)

More felt food (Cheesie and Blondie love this stuff, and play with it all the time. They have a list, I have the felt, and stuffing, just need to cut them out and do them in front of the TV).

My 1800's reproduction fabric quilt (truly a pain in the butt to make, and I've never quilted it - so I'm going to tackle it this year just for myself.)

I have more in the stack of things unfinished, but will add them as I go so maybe I can pretend to be productive. So Mara, I'm joining you. You post your successes, and I'll post mine. Looking at these older projects makes me realize how much my style has changed, but if I can finish these I can move on to new creative projects (although after these I may feel rejuvenated enough to start back in on these things that seem to have fallen by the side). I'm looking forward to the challenge.


Anonymous said...


What beautiful quilts! I am excited to see your progress!

Holly said...

they look nice! goodluck! i have a ton of scrapbbok supplies and cross stitching supplies but have not done either in forever