Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Today my family gathered for a very nice afternoon. All of the girls helped cook, and then we all sat down to eat together. My family, my Mom, sister Natalie, brother Colin and his girlfriend Charley, and later my sister Christy and niece Cate stopped by.

While I was finishing up cooking, my mom and Brian took the kids out to take a few pictures. I can see Christmas presents coming from some of them.
Sunday was Natalie's birthday, and my mom had bought a cake to celebrate. She didn't realize that she bought the candles that act like sparklers and then relight. Thankfully Natalie is also a fire-eater with her circus Columbia Alternacirque.

After dinner we went outside and took a bunch of family pics. The only ones missing were my brother-in-law Chad, and of course my Dad. I'll leave you with the good ones, and the out takes.

One more of those days when we wish we could have my Dad back, and live closer to Brian's family too.

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Mom Of Many said...

What a fun post!! LOve the huge group pictures...btw, had to search and search to find your comment button...can you make it bigger? Bet I'm not hte only one to not be able to find it!! Anyway, happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!! and thank you for sharing!! xo