Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Settling in for election results

Voting, at our house, is a big deal. We go to vote on just about everything, and we always take the girls. Tonight with so much at stake, we all settled in to watch, but still did our own things. (T-Rex and Blondie were in and out with homework, or reading, I didn't catch their pictures).

Cheesie read some, and then graphed out her Halloween candy (school assignment).

Brian is the most obsessive about politics in our house (notice the stress ball in one hand and the remote to check commentaries in the other). He shushed Big Al and I a LOT tonight.

Big Al just returned from D.C. on a school trip, and has to make a scrapbook as a project, and she chose the living room floor to spread out.
I'm sure it will be cleaned up before bed (yeah.... I know....if I keep repeating that it may happen).

I started cutting out a fall banner that I wanted to make (I'm trying to not be too anal about my sewing and freely put things together, but honestly it stresses me out not to have some math, so these were cut on a 60 degree angle).
So hopefully we are comfy, because its going to be a very long evening/night.

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