Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter was pretty easy going today. It started with the little girls going to their baskets (candy, a movie, and a craft), we don't do huge Easter baskets, and then off to church.

Today, our lovely little church held an Easter Egg hunt before our service. The older teens had hidden a bunch of eggs all throughout the azalea bushes, so the kids had to really work!

Blondie and Cheesie were excited they got to take their baskets with candy into church (no eating the chocolate until later though). The service was wonderful, with a sweet little girl being baptized, and many who don't normally join us, packing the pews. I love how Father Bob invites the kids to the front to decorate a cross with flowers, and also gave them front row seats to the baptism (they stood in the aisle as the baby and her family were up front). He works very hard to involve all of the young people .

After church, back home to a family dinner with all of us, Mom, Natalie, Christy and my neice Cate. After dinner the girls got out the Wii to show Cate the Just Dance II game, and of course we all got involved. SOMEONE (I'm married to) decided to take video of Christy, Natalie and I dancing, but I won't distract you with that visual here.... needless to say, the sister who bellydances beat the rest of us rather easily.

We're ending the night watching a movie before bed, and of course school tomorrow. I love days spent with family!

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