Sunday, April 24, 2011

The things I didn't blog about ...

I finally realized why it seems to be harder for me to blog lately..... BRIAN! Brian is really getting into the professional aspects of his camera, while I still grab it on my way out the door (even though it is VERY heavy) to capture whatever the kids are up to. In downloading those pics, Brian has changed everything up so he can edit (which I obviously don't do to any of these pictures) so now I have to wait for him to reformat everything. Now that I know who to bug, I'll try to get him to do it a little more regularly. When in doubt.... blame the spouse. :-)

Saturday, April 16

Big Al has temporarily (although she hopes permanently) switched over to tumbling so she can beef things up for high school cheerleading tryouts this week. We found a private tumbling coach, who met up with us at the USC field house, to work on back handsprings, etc. with her.

Throughout the week Big Al went to practice. Having never done anything resembling this before (softball, and soccer mostly) this was totally new territory for her and she was quite intimidated the first day. By the second day she had settled into the swing of things, and finally tried out on Thursday of this week.

Sunday, April 17

We have a wonderful neighborhood association, and they hosted an Easter egg hunt for all of the kids. The ladies who organized it went above and beyond this year with a lot of prizes donated from community businesses. Blondie and Cheesie were so excited to do this, and found a LOT of eggs.

Friday, April 22

No school, so the girls were in and out of the house. The geese on the pond have babies now, and the girls spent a lot of time watching them, and feeding them a ton of bread. (Do you see the difference between Brian's pics and mine?)

At noon, Big Al went online to find out that she had made the 9th grade cheerleading squad for her high school next year. She was SOOOOOOO EXCITED. I am simply hoping she doesn't break a collar bone.

Saturday, April 23

Brian took Cheesie out to the Riverfront park and took a bunch of pictures to play around with and post to his various blogs. He is definitely getting better at his wildlife photos. I LOVE the heron below.

That night the girls were helping by making desert for Easter dinner (red velvet cake with a special homemade cream cheese frosting to DIE for).

They finished the evening by dying the eggs, and getting the baskets ready for the Easter bunny.

I'll try to keep the blog posts coming, I know you're looking for them - especially if you live in Texas.

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