Friday, June 10, 2011

One reason my house isn't amazingly clean

I love both of our dogs dearly, BUT.... Maggie has a very annoying habit. Every time she wants to be fed she'll stand in her dish until I or one of the kids dumps in the food - that isn't the bothersome part. She isn't content to just eat the food from the dish. She has to slide it around the floor until it tips over. She halfway learned this when my mom's boxer stayed with us and he drags his bowl around until you fill it. Maggie just took the practice a bit further.

Then she'll lie on the floor to eat. I gave up keeping her bowl by Tate's bowl, because Maggie ALWAYS drags it over to the edge of the kitchen. Her ultimate goal is to flip the bowl over onto the living room carpet. Once on the carpet she'll eat more, but I'm always finding the leftovers after she has enough.

I love this dog (she's a boxer/Am. bulldog mix and both have BIG personalities), she is absolutely wonderful, but I really wish she would finish cleaning up after herself.

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