Sunday, October 28, 2012


When we bought this house 10 years ago there were soooooo many things that needed to be fixed. There were holes in the walls, several layers of awful wallpaper, disgusting carpet, painted crown moulding etc.  Little by little we've tackled projects.  Brian decided to pull the carpet off of the stairs.  It was a good move, but necessitated the painting and staining of the stairs. The stain on all of the wood in our house is sadly outdated. So in one weekend Brian sanded, and started painting the stairs.
Which definitely helped make them better, now we are working on the staining of the stairs.... which is a complicated process when you have 4 kids and 3 dogs who use them a LOT.
It also led to a second project.  More initiated by myself..... the dreaded popcorn ceiling.  I hate them all and would love the entryway to just have a beautiful flat ceiling.... but we haven't done that before. SOOOOO
why not start with the peeling ceiling in my bathroom that no one but Brian and I will see?  So I got the ladder, and found out that I LOVE scraping the ceiling (but don't love the carpal tunnel that followed).  After we finish the stairs, we'll have to spackle, sand and paint the bathroom ceiling, and IF we love it, I'll have to take on that entryway (and by I, I really mean I'll scrape and Brian can do the rest of the stuff).  THEN I'm taking on the awful brass light, and painting the hall dresser a dark black.... and eventually redoing the awful white tile that someone in the late 80's thought was cool.
Doesn't this look better? Okay, not yet.

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