Friday, November 2, 2012


Tuesday, Cheesie had a fever at school, so Wednesday we had to keep her home.  She was definitely feeling better, but I had to grab a substitute while I could, and make sure she wasn't going to share her bug with anyone else.  Which left me Wednesday to clean the heck out of the house (sorely needed because we've been working on renovating a couple of things). 
So I hastily decorated for Halloween, and put on a snacky spread for the family, friends, and teens who would be with us that evening. 
Cheesie dressed as an Olympic gymnast (although the sequins I sewed all over her leotard were covered up with a jacket), and Blondie was a prisoner.  Cousin CJ came with us and was a "butterfly princess,"  as well as another family of friends.  T-Rex did end up going out (she was waffling) with our neighbor for awhile, while Big Al had a bunch of friends over to watch scary movies, and hang out around the firepit.  It was a busy day, but thankfully not too cold to walk around and have a little fun.

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