Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Happy Birthday to my oldest daughter. Today she turns 16.

The THOUGHT was to blow up all of these balloons (thank you Brian because I actually hate balloons) and then have her open her bedroom door in the morning and fall all over her.  BUT if you do this, you shouldn't use crummy scotch tape. I was worried about peeling paint off the walls (which is crazy because I'm about to repaint them anyway).  What she actually woke up to was a lot of balloons lying on the floor outside her door instead.  

Her friend took her to breakfast before school, and then as a family we got together tonight. She opened presents,  and cards.....

and then we had a non-traditional pizza dinner. Since it was her birthday, Big Al chose to eat sushi.  

We topped it off with cheesecake factory cheesecake (thank you Sam's Club for having some version of it).

 And then finished off the family evening by Skyping with my niece Cate in Edinburgh, Scotland. We can't wait to see her in December with one semester of college behind her.
Big Al then headed out to youth group where one of her friends made her a cake, and she hung out for awhile.  This weekend she goes on a retreat with them, so she had to go get the info.....

I'm very proud of the person she is becoming.

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