Friday, August 22, 2008

First day of school

Wow! I'm pooped. I always forget how much stamina it takes to stand all day in front of children who have to be told how to do absolutely everything.

So we got first day pictures of:

Cheesie going to Kindergarten - she couldn't quit blinking --- just like her dad

Blondie in first grade - I really need to cut those bangs.

and T-Rex ready for 4th grade - won't let me cut the bangs

Yes, Big Al went to middle school and looked perfectly wonderful, but left about 20 minutes before I remembered to take her picture. I'll have to take a fake one and say it was her first day of 6th grade in like 20 years. Everyone came home happy (I came home with the most exhausted body EVER), and poor Blondie had to go to two hours of therapy right after school. They took pictures, but I don't have them yet.

So whats up with therapy? I don't think we can get the Saebo yet because Blondie's fingers are too tiny, but we are going to do the exercises anyway without it. We bought a bunch of pool balls (the ones that you put in the water, not shoot with a pool stick - OH, and thanks for the idea Shelley) and she practices picking them up without the brace. She is getting better at letting them go, but can't always make it happen on demand. I'll try to post pics this weekend of our version at home. I am going to also buy a larger constraint thing from pedi-wrap and have her start wearing that more when we eat. She can actually poke things with a fork now, and is learning to drop her elbow down to raise her hand up - again, I'll try to post our efforts this weekend.

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Holly said...

they look cute! and the museum in the other entry looks so cool!