Monday, August 11, 2008

Future Olympic Divers?

Okay, maybe not Olympic, but this is the FIRST TIME EVER that Cheesie jumped off the diving board by herself. Big round of applause please. During swim lesson this year she would NOT jump off by herself, but let her coaches drop her in slowly by holding her arms and stretching her like taffy. Brian took the kids to the pool while I stayed home and did some much needed purging of the playroom (shhhhh).

(video should go here, having technical difficulties)

Blondie LOVES jumping off, but has difficulty with the ladders and getting out of the pool, so we usually have to hang out there waiting for her. She usually yells "CANNONBALL" and then does a regular jump.

(video should go here, I'll try to figure it out tomorrow)

SAEBO UPDATE: So the therapists went to the Saebo training, and are worried that she may not be big enough to get the pediatric small size yet. It should fit fairly snug, but Blondie is very tiny, so her OT measured today, and the PT will measure independently tomorrow, and then we'll see. Meanwhile Tonya (OT) rigged up a shower rod, rubberbands, and a painter roller, along with some lovely rainbow ribbon, to create a gliding exercise THING. It is based on something they saw this weekend. OT is trying to engineer something to work in the meantime, but folks, I can see the possibilities. The guy who gave the class told them how to make this thing, so it isn't like she's just blindly doing her own thing - she is so great. Blondie has 3 separate exercises and does 10 reps of each a couple times a day. Her arm is strapped to the paint roller, and she moves it back and forth between the two large rubber bands. I can see it working all of those upper arm muscles - hopefully it will help her get a little stronger in the shoulder and upper arm so that when she is ready for the Saebo she rocks it. Once we get the Saebo we will have to set aside TWO 45 minute periods A DAY ( 'cause I have ALL of this free time with nothing to do) to really be effective. We are very dedicated to this possibility. I'm thinking that if I take it to school with me and then as soon as she gets to my room put in on her, have her move balls or whatever the exercise might be, clean my room have T-Rex and Cheesie simultaneously work on their homework before walking out the door to therapy, girl scouts, archery, soccer, fencing, or tennis. Then in the evenings Brian can work with her (because I'll be at archery, soccer, fencing, or whatever Cheesie decides to do this year) for the remaining 45 minutes. Will it work - I have no idea. I keep thinking that if we get this sleepy hand moving, and then maybe consider constraint therapy then just maybe she will be the superstar of the rehab world and be able to use the left hand. Crossing my fingers, cross your too please.

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