Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pawley's pt. 2

Sunday we woke up and headed over to Brookgreen again. Brian, the girls, and I went to traipse through the woods to see their "zoo". It was a nice presentation of local animals, with many of them rescued from injury. They had farm animals, but the girls enjoyed the otters the most - Cheesie thought the turkeys were scary.

We headed back to the garden part and Brian left to go wander around, while the girls and I were on an alligator hunt. We found the statue, but didn't see the alligator out until we rounded the pond and saw this:

At first glance it looks like a sculpture of an alligator and turtles sunning themselves, but then the turtles move and you realize that its real. It wasn't a huge alligator - apparently once they reach a certain size they are removed from the park.
We spent until lunch at the garden, and then headed back to the hotel for lunch. The girls switched to their swimsuits, and we all headed to the ocean. Unfortunately the lovely sunny, warm morning we were having disappeared behind clouds as soon as we got to the beach, but the girls had fun anyway. The big girls played out in the waves, while the little ones played in a tidal pool.

After a couple of hours they wanted to go try the amazing pool at the hotel, even with all of the reminders that it wasn't heated. They tried to play in the sprinklers set up, but ended up in the lazy river, and then would run over and warm up in the hot tub. They REALLY liked the hot tub.

Brian had to leave to get home to work on Monday, and we stayed one extra night. After dinner we ran over to Pawley's Island Hammock Shop - a tradition that must be visited each time you go, and the girls enjoyed the little shops.


TEAM TOAST said...

I remember when Brian and I were little and we use to feed the alligator marshmallows at Brookgreen Garden's!

Pat Daubenspeck said...

I am Cameron Mott's grandmother. I have been following your daughter's progress for over a year. I enjoy seeing the videos of her therapy and learn about methods being used for her. Keep up the good work. I hope to meet you at the hemi reunion in July.

Pat Daubenspeck

Brian said...

We are DEFINITELY going to the reunion, and can't wait to meet you too. Blondie is strong, and shows us new hope daily.