Thursday, April 23, 2009

Therapy Thursday

Blondie was jumping through hoops today. If you want to see the videos, click on the button at the top labeled Rasmussen's. I'm trying to put ONLY therapy stuff there for those that are interested. There are other videos over there from today too. I hope to have some exciting ideas for teaching reading there soon, Abby's school therapist has some experience that I think may soon be worth sharing - as soon as I figure out all the implications for her.
I don't have a button from Rasmussen's back to Dawson Diaries yet, but honestly I"M SO SWAMPED right now I just can't get it done. I think every moment of every day is scheduled until June 6th. I apologize in advance for slack blogging.


Holly said...

go blondie go!

Megan said...

Way to go Blondie! I am so sorry you are so swamped and I hope June 6th comes soon! Thanks for the kind thoughts on my blog! Hang in there


Recovering Noah said...

Those are some great ideas!! Our OT has decided to take on more patients than she can possibly handle... so the quality of care has greatly diminished. I think I'm going to come on here and copy Blondie's therapy with my kiddoes. :-)