Monday, June 8, 2009

Free Range Kids?

Okay, so one of my goals was to turn off the TV, and today, Day 1.... no problems.

Neighbor boy was waging war on them this weekend with a nerf guy, and the girls were hooked. So Brian ran out and bought 2 (now we need 4 more because the little ones love them, and Brian and I need one for self preservation). Today, after Blondie's therapy, I hear a lot of giggling and gun clicking. and I walk out of the kitchen to this:
Each girl took turns standing on the other side of the porch door and acting as a target. Bonus points were earned for getting it in the open mouth area..... Cheesie likes to strike a pose, Big Al just offers a clear shot of her rump .... so what did your kids do today?
Many thanks to Megan over at Jet to Thailand for giving us this blog award. I don't think that we were too adorable today.... more like wild banshees ...... but I'll take it. I'm passing it on to Jessie Hall's family, and a few others.... I'll amend this post tonight with their names. Megan, I can't wait until all of the legal stuff is finished with and he is officially yours, and we can see pics of him.....

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