Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The girls (we have an extra this week - Big Al's friend "Big I" is staying with us until Sunday) were bored and bugging Blondie's OT who now visits us at the house, so I threw out the idea of running through the lawn sprinklers. We have about 6 or 8 of them for the front yard that we rarely use, so the girls thought it was a great idea. After a few minutes they came in and got umbrellas, because APPARENTLY water for the yard is COLD! So, even though the idea of running through 8 sprinklers at one times sounds appealing, it apparently is not. BUT UMBRELLAS ARE FUN, and SO IS THE HOSE, so this is what they came up with:

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Jessie said...

Sprinklers are GREAT fun. It looks like they all had a blast. See You in a few days.