Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Hula Hoop

Blondie and Cheesie are 18 months apart, and while they are great friends, there is still the problem for Blondie that things she can't do, Cheesie can do with STYLE! Part of Blondie's therapy has been working on using a hula hoop - just get those muscles doing coordinated movement. So to support therapy I bought a hula hoop for the house. The reality though is that it is too tricky for Blondie at the moment ..... so ..... just to show off, Cheesie picked it up.

She is having a ball with it and luckily Blondie doesn't seem to care too much.

I love the tongue sticking out!
Brian took these pictures - he really does incredible things with that camera.

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Megan said...

Looks like fun! The pics are great. Jet came home a hula hoop master, must be fairly common in the orphanage!