Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

We have a hard and fast rule at the Dawson house regarding Christmas morning.... A child may NOT wake up the parents to go downstairs until at LEAST 6 a.m. This was instituted because Big Al (you'd think it would be the little girls, but NO), has issues with sleeping on Christmas Eve- she can't do it. So now Brian and I get at least some sleep before the fun of Christmas morning.

So, at 6 a.m, Big Al is standing next to our bed telling us to get up, and can she wake the little girls, etc.
Big Al got a few unexpected presents that made her very happy. A new phone, a green jacket, her beast sweatshirt and another soccer t-shirt, piano music (Christmas music and Twilight music) earrings, Transformer video, a couple books, money from grandparents, and misc.

T-Rex got her much coveted phone, tons of books that she wanted - and some she didn't know were out, the Monk movies (her favorite TV show) Harry Potter, earrings, art stuff, money from grandparents, etc.
Blondie got her very wanted Bitty Baby doll, a doll bed, doll clothes, art stuff, Magic Treehouse books, Up, money from grandparents, and an outfit, etc.

Cheesie's looked a lot like Blondie's. She got a smore's set from American Girl, Bitty Baby doll clothes, doll bed, art stuff, money from grandparents, Ice Age, books, puzzles, Little Pet shop junk, an outfit, etc.

The kids are thrilled, and playing happily in the living room. Next up is family exchange and brunch at my sister's house, then dinner over here. Can't wait for everyone to come over and hang out today. Merry Christmas to everyone.


Jessie said...

Merry Christmas Dawson Crew. I hope that you are enjoying celebrating the birth of the baby Cheeze Itz.

All our Love, The Halls

Holly said...

Im glad you are all having a great day!