Monday, December 7, 2009

Froze our buns!

Big Al had one last soccer tournament this past weekend in Atlanta, so she and I drove down this past Friday to participate. We stayed in a really great hotel, with families and players that are just SO MUCH fun. The only down side to the weekend was the threat of snow. By Friday evening we knew that the snow would miss us, but we southerners STILL don't like cold..... and it was past cold and into freezing. Big Al had two games at 9:30 (on Sat. and Sun) and then a game at 3:30 on Saturday. Temperatures ranged between 29 and 47 degrees depending on the time of day, but the wind was what made us miserable.

The first game the girls won 5-0, and the second game (Big Al scored) was also 5-0. So that meant we had to (I mean got to) stay for the championship game at 3:00 on Sunday -- which also meant we got to drive home in the dark... but we had fun. Between the two games Big Al and I went Christmas shopping at the American Girl store, and had a ball, but the other people shopping there were CRAZY.

Sunday the girls shivered their way to another victory, 3-0 and we all spent the wait time at the hotel, and then at the mall. While at the mall some of the girls posed for the picture with Santa, and just generally goofed off.
At 3:00 we were ready to play again, and those of us watching saw a spectacular game. No one scored on either team.... they were so evenly matched, but it was great fun to watch the girls try to put something together. In the end all positions played so hard that it was tied 0-0. So we had to go to the shootout. Each team lined up on the field, and 6 were chosen to shoot one-on-one with the opposing goalie, and the team with the most goals at the end would win.... it was tough to watch. The girls who missed beat themselves up, the goalies were tough on themselves.... one Dad filmed this video... Big Al's team is wearing the blue shirts.

So in the end, the girls left as champions, and all was well.... for us at least. About halfway home we finally warmed up.

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You are sooooooooooo dedicated. Way to go.